'Tragic': Algeria wildfires kill dozens after blistering heatwave

 In Algeria, devastating fires on Wednesday killed at least 38 people, injured dozens and displaced hundreds, local media reported. The wildfires are the result of record summer heat in the Mediterranean country, which is struggling with the effects of the climate crisis. Algeria has left more than 39 out of 39 fires in the state of the Tip, near Tunisia, the worst and the most wounded. Firefighters with helicopter must have more wounds Thursday morning. "It's very sad, but unfortunately it's the second time we've seen a fire like this," Abdelmadjid Bouguedra, a lecturer at Oran 2 University, told Middle East Eye. A fire in northeastern Algeria in 2021 killed nearly 90 people, including 33 soldiers deployed as firefighters, and sparked widespread protests across the country. Last year's fires burned more than 100,000 hectares of forest in a country where only 1% of the land was covered with forest. "The northern and eastern parts of Algeria are denser, gr